Comment 24 for bug 465216

Chad Miller (cmiller) wrote :

(Partial transcript from online chat)

D: I don't really think setting 0664 on /etc/couchdb/local.ini is a very good idea, since that may have the admin password in it.

Chad: desktopcouch is sending these parameters, for me: -a /etc/couchdb/default.ini -a /etc/xdg/desktop-couch/compulsory-auth.ini -a /home/cmiller/.config/desktop-couch/desktop-couchdb.ini

Chad: the couchdb bootstrap script in the PATH adds more. (namely /etc/couchdb/local.ini)

Chad: so, either 1) user must put auth in another file and load it with -a, and make others readable, or 2) we reimplement /usr/bin/couchdb and ship our own, or 3) we patch it and get upstream not to do that.