Comment 12 for bug 367334

jhthayer (jhthayer) wrote :

KDE version of 9.10, 32-bit, on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, Gigabyte GA K8NS-pro, nVidia FX5200 gpu. Started refusing to authenticate at KDM login about 1 month ago--no clue as to what triggered it. But the logs show the same message--console-kit-daemon[####] Warning: couldn't read /proc/###+#/environ: Failed to open file . . . . at the time when the authentication fails; no other evident errors, consistently, save for desktop app errors which appear to result from permission lack when the authentication fails. Have pored over all the related dbus, consolekit, and pam files and find nothing apparently out of order. Very unsettling to need to operate as root, which is the only way one may get into the system. Would appreciate info as to what is meant by the error in the syslog from pam-ck-connector (also at the same time) wherein it refers to nox11 mode . . . what does that mean? None of this makes any sense at all. A terrible letdown from Dapper and Hardy. And Lucid has more of this stuff??