Comment 0 for bug 876709

Petko Ditchev (pditchev) wrote :

 In Oneiric (11.10) compiz (yes the 0.9.6 with 0.9.5 ccsm (last version)) has a bug with both gnome-shell and unityshell . It might be only a ccsm bug but I'm not too sure so I haven't listed it as one .

Here's the overall situation : ccsm with gconf backend cannot correctly handle profiles . For example if you add or import a profile - it shows up in the .gconf/.../profiles directory but it doesn't activate correctly and makes all sorts of bugs on restart etc.

Next thing is that when a profile is added it doesn't appear in the profiles list correctly (under any circumstances (for ex. change to flat backend , gnome shell,unity...) ) . Some profile (or 2) appear/s with a name of non-valid characters , and I'm pretty sure that's not the added/imported one . This invalid thing doesn't get erased and changes its random name from time to time .

That's what I can think of for now (I tinkered the configuration files a lot but concluded only that they behave strange ) .