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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1244090: Pressing any global keyboard shortcut causes temporary loss of focus Low Confirmed 107 weeks

From: Hackintosh Five

AMD64 .deb included, with .patch file

Bug #1665809: compiz crashes after trying to unlock program from unity lancher Medium Confirmed 171 weeks

From: comptastic
Link: ProcCpuinfo.txt


Bug #1656248: Changing the order of monitors leads to off-screen windows Undecided New 172 weeks

From: Cs-gon
Link: compiz_fix_monitor_reconfiguration_2.patch


Bug #774059: Scale by Window group not working Undecided Confirmed 223 weeks

From: dimx
Link: scale_group_fix.diff


Bug #1302098: Windows cascading mode cause segfault Medium Confirmed 291 weeks

From: Jing Wang
Link: cascade_segfalt_fix.patch


Bug #991180: Ubuntu 12.04 Nvidia Compiz Expo Mipmap Undecided In Progress 421 weeks

From: Pierre-Loup A. Griffais
Link: compiz_mipmaps.patch

Report mipmap-awareness of FBConfigs regardless or whether FBOs are known to be supported or not

Bug #111939: Alt-Tab - Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation Medium Triaged 527 weeks

From: Nigel Babu
Link: metacity_2.30.1-0ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #507964: Application Switcher keybinds conflicts with gnome default Low Incomplete 541 weeks

From: arky
Link: application-switcher.patch

patch for

Bug #290085: compiz-decorator script fails to parse XDG_CONFIG_DIRS Low Triaged 588 weeks

From: Thomas E Jenkins
Link: parse_colon_xdg_config_dirs.debdiff


Bug #86184: Can't change cursor style using Compiz. Medium Confirmed 693 weeks

From: gandalfn
Link: compiz.debdiff


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