Comment 10 for bug 631664

Kantastisk (kantastisk) wrote :

this is either a bug with Compiz or gnome, but there seems to be a little confusion over whose "fault" it is.This is the bug report at gnome.

someone opened a new bug at over at Compiz, but I can't get that site to load (and haven't been able to for a few days now...).

Enough of that, here's a temporary workaround: Go to the "Place Windows" plugin of ccsm and under the tab "Fixed Window Placement" find the box "Windows with fixed positions" and click "new". Select the + icon and under "Type" choose "window title". click your calendar applet, then the "grab"-button and then click your open calendar. the resulting value should be something like "title=Calendar" or whatever it is in your language. Click add and under x and y positions choose the farthest settings to the right. Finally check "Keep in workarea" and you should be good to go.
-Either that or disable compiz and hope for another fix.