Comment 3 for bug 138424

I forget to say Emerald was just installed but I don't use it at the testing moment. So, Emerald was no implied.

I don't use Trevino repo OR Amarath repo.

Only pure Gutsy repositories.

OUT OF TOPIC FOR 2 MINUTES => I need an indication about WHERE, or WHICH team I have to contact about the Compiz / Emerald tray launcher.

Last week I tried Fusion-Icon which was made until Tribe 5 release ( this mean that fusion-icon think compiz is not started by default ) so if someone try to put fusion-icon in tray - Gutsy at start will start Compiz - then Fusion-Icon will start Compiz again for the second time.
Gutsy by default don't install this window manager which is a loss.
Fusion-Icon is the perfect solution to set up Compiz and Emerald or to choose other window manager if U wanna play a game for example.

The only thing that keep me away from Fusion-Icon is he start compiz for the second time and I don't like all those flick's on my screen when GDM start (fusion-icon contain exec a command like compiz --replace & emerald --replace).

If this behaviour can be corrected Fusion-Icon MUST be included in original Compiz installation. It's a logical move to have this option at your click - not to search all time for Apperance->Desktop Effects->Normal Effects.