Comment 2 for bug 138424


I do a little test to see what programs OR what else can broke Compiz so I restart Compiz with compiz --replace.

All OK but when I try to open a SVG file with Inkscape - my desktop do a short tremolo and compiz gone, metacity come.

This is the message from terminal :
Floating point exception (core dumped)

After that, I tried to see if Compiz crash launching other applications but I can't - Compiz behaviour was stable.
I only can crash Compiz doing a doubleclick on a svg file. Then Compiz crash and Inkscape don't open the file.

If I do this without Compiz started, Inkscape open the file without problems.

Trying to crash Compiz just launching Inkscape I obtained different results - sometime crash ..sometime not.

I'll attach the svg file here.