Comment 10 for bug 136336

Re: Travis Watkins wrote on 2007-10-05

First, it seems that windows on desktops other than the current one *are* rendered, though not visible. This is especially apparent when using the Compiz "Cube" and spinning it around. I wonder why the minimized windows aren't also rendered. If saving computing resources were a real issue, then the Cube and Wall rendering would not render out-of-view. But they do. (And this seems to be the whole point of moving to composite rendering with Compiz/etc.)

Second, a major reason and use case for Alt+Tab-ing, Alt+Shift+Tab-ing, Super+Tab-ing, Super+Shift+Tab-ing is to easily browse the open windows in *some* fashion. For some this includes bringing each window to front as it's highlighted. For others it's less blunt. For me, one reason to use the Switchers is to access minimized windows. And when I have several of them (or even if I don't), a preview during this app-switching would allow me to make the choice to unminimize it more efficiently and accurately. While the icon is better than nothing (or just text), a preview or cached thumbnail would be best.

Therefore, I suggest that A) Compiz render all windows (or be able to), whether drawn/shown or not; B) Use whatever means is available to provide the user with a clue of what the minimized window looks/looked like, be it a cached thumbnail or a live rendering.