Comment 8 for bug 531010

Anxious Nut (anxiousnut) wrote :

using lucid beta, fs not encrypted, i got this

Failed to process form: 'field.submission_data' is not a valid key as per {'field.architecture': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f84c>, 'field.distribution': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f874>, 'field.system': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f89c>, 'field.actions.upload': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f8c4>, 'field.private': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f8ec>, 'field.format': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f914>, 'field.contactable': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f93c>, 'field.date_created': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f964>, 'field.emailaddress': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f98c>, 'field.submission_key': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f9b4>, 'field.distroseries': <functools.partial object at 0xb768f9dc>, 'field.live_cd': <functools.partial object at 0xb768fa04>}

the submission.xml in firefox says
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: file:///home/mohammed/.cache/checkbox/submission.xml
Line Number 8340, Column 53: Checking for texture_from_pixmap... [SKIP]
----------------------------------------------------^(arrow was directing at the symbol [001B])