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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #2023605: swap is not discovered for nvme devices Undecided Confirmed 53 weeks
Bug #1950469: casper: zcat missing in busybox Undecided New 136 weeks
Bug #1844761: Casper doesn't properly support NFSOPTS Undecided Confirmed 248 weeks
Bug #1793444: Request to support software raid devices, vroc raid also need this Undecided Confirmed 300 weeks
Bug #1762920: casper-helpers:try_mount doesn't honor the mount point Undecided New 323 weeks
Bug #1215504: allow luks encrypted casper-rw persistent file (patch) Wishlist Triaged 383 weeks
Bug #1660206: Make casper capable of fetching filesystem.squashfs through http Undecided New 385 weeks
Bug #1520575: casper-sn persistence fails in 14.04.3, 15.10 Undecided Confirmed 433 weeks

From: a1bert
Link: dirty fix

Bug #1279106: Customized LiveUSB setup cannot handle persistence Undecided Confirmed 540 weeks

From: LVU
Link: Correct patch

Bug #1195504: Add a noswap option to avoid accessing drives - w/ PATCH Undecided Confirmed 573 weeks
Bug #1159464: make persistent storage pathnames fully configurable Wishlist Confirmed 584 weeks
Bug #997508: In all blindness and low vision profiles need turning off Nautilus sidebar Wishlist Triaged 632 weeks
Bug #70566: "Eject CD" message not translated Wishlist Triaged 717 weeks
Bug #587399: Fix NBD Live CD Support in Ubuntu casper Wishlist Triaged 733 weeks
Bug #578109: plymouth copying progress counter for copy_live_to() Wishlist Triaged 736 weeks
Bug #401817: Disable Thumbnailers in accessible install Wishlist Triaged 778 weeks

From: arky
Link: thumbnailers.patch

Bug #158976: Casper doesn't wait for USB hard disks to come up (persistent) Medium Confirmed 867 weeks
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