Comment 7 for bug 506418

Emmet Hikory (persia) wrote :

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[12:43] <davmor2> pitti: An issue I'm assuming due to plymouth has arisen in that there is no dialogue to press enter to continue shutdown once the install has completed
[12:44] <pitti> davmor2: the one in X? that shouldn't be related to plymouth
[12:44] <pitti> ah, the "press enter" after shutdown
[12:44] <ogra> pitti, the one that used to be in usplash
[12:44] <pitti> davmor2: can you please file a bug? (sorry, at sprint this week)
[12:45] <pitti> should be easy to fix, instead of usplash-send use the equivalent plymouth command
[12:45] <davmor2> pitti: no probs I think it is in process now. Is my assumption about it being plymouth correct and will the dialogue show up on a different tty?
[12:46] <pitti> I'm not sure; I'm a plymouth n00b