Comment 8 for bug 658004

The error seems to be in the file libbrasero-burn/brasero-session-cfg.c function brasero_session_cfg_check_size() line 873:

 BRASERO_BURN_LOG ("Session size %lli/Disc size %lli",

 if (priv->session_blocks < priv->disc_size) { // line 873
  priv->is_valid = BRASERO_SESSION_VALID;

The log output says:
BraseroBurn: (at brasero-session-cfg.c :871) Session size 2295104/Disc size 2295104

So there is enough space, but the code expects _more_ than enough space. The correct check would be:

 if (priv->session_blocks <= priv->disc_size) { // fixed line 873