Comment 23 for bug 658004

Thomas Schmitt (scdbackup) wrote :


To my own experience, the code which governs creation and burning of
ISO images on-the-fly is separate from the code that governs burning
of pre-produced image files from hard disk.
(I am developer of libburn and libisofs, not a user of Brasero.
 But i once had reason to find out how Brasero managed to spoil
 their work. Ubuntu bug 780117.)

So i would look for another size check function that is in charge
for image burning.

The found problem about "<" and "<=" cannot explain the report
about the refusal to burn a DVD-R which had more than the needed
capacity. That problem might match bug 897550 if Brasero is daring
enough to ask the operating system for telling the media capacity.
(Of course it should ask the drive, instead.)

Have a nice day :)