Comment 27 for bug 828759

Firedancer885 (firedancer) wrote :

I think my problem also belongs here. I updated my Toshiba Satellite laptop from Natty to Oneiric yesterday (22.10.2011) around noon. I got the missing dependencies error too. The upgrade finished, and I restarted the system. Since then I can't boot into the desktop. The usual option gives me a bunch of "no such file or directory" errors, starts bluetooth, wicd network manager, starts pulse-audio, says something about saned being disabled, checks battery status, gives [ok]-s and then hangs.
When I start the system in recovery consol mode and then choose "resume boot" (the options are in hungarian, so I don't know the proper name), I get the same errors and checks, but then it asks for my username and password and opens the command prompt. Typing startx gets me into the ubuntu desktop.
Somebody please help me make the system boot without the workaround. I also switched a personalized grub file for the package maintainers version. I had a few crashes, but for those I found the proper reports.

I also upgraded my work laptop. That one had Maverick on it. I upgraded to Natty and then went directly to Oneiric. That laptop had absolutely no problems and no crashes. It's an Asus laptop.