Comment 68 for bug 56125

David Kalnischkies (donkult) wrote :

Okay, i think we never get in compliance which cow is the best super cow, so i propose the following:
APT provides two standard cows: the "old" cow and the cow from Fernando Ribeiro accessible with "apt-get moo" and "apt-get moo moo".
This should be suitable for most users.

For the more advanced users: Possibility to dynamical add (or replace the defaults with) other cows with config settings.
Configuration items are "APT::Get::SuperCow::MOOCOUNTER::LINENUMBER"

Example: the default cow as a config entry which would be displayed by "apt-get moo moo moo":
APT::Get::SuperCow::3 {
1 " (__)";
2 " (oo)";
3 " /------\/";
4 " / | ||";
5 " * /\---/\";
6 " ~~ ~~";
7 "...Have you mooed today?...";
(most likely borged by launchpad - but you get the idea)

Note: Quotes can't be used in this cow-construction-code, but you can use escape characters... (colored cows anybody?)

See attached patch for implementation details.
(also available in my experimental branch)
1 file changed, 51 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)