Comment 20 for bug 526796

Daniel Carr (danielcarr) wrote :

I had the same issue, and it took me far longer than it should have to find this solution.
I don't know how much mass-protest influences the powers that be, but I agree 100% with Cory and feel the need to echo his remarks -- I'm not using a laptop, but the spacing is ridiculous and I've already set up email, chat, etc and will never use that envelope. I should, at the very least, be allowed to choose not to display certain icons, as I am with the bluetooth icon.

Also, one minor gripe: the rhythmbox icon used to show the Rhythmbox window with a left click, and bring up a menu with a right click, which I think is more intuitive, but obviously that could just be habit talking. I do think that one should be able to hide the window through the icon, without having to close the window "manually".

And having both a "notification area" and an "indicator applet" seems redundant to me, although I suppose that's just the names
given by separate developers, and doesn't affect usability.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide :)