Comment 6 for bug 859248

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package apport - 1.24-0ubuntu1

apport (1.24-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream release 1.23.1:
    - apport/ Ensure that duplicate table only has one entry per
      report ID.
    - apport-retrace: Pass correct executable path to gdb in --gdb with
      --sandbox mode.
    - apport-retrace: Do not leave behind temporary directories on errors.
    - apport-retrace: Drop assertion failure for existance of "Stacktrace".
      This isn't present in the case of gdb crashing, and there is not much we
      can do about it. This should not break the retracer.
    - apport/ Unwind XError() from stack traces for the
      "StacktraceTop" field, as they take a significant part of the trace.
      This causes bugs to be duplicated which really have different causes.
  * New upstream release 1.24:
   - apport-retrace: Add --timestamp option to prepend a timestamp to log
     messages. This is useful for batch operations.
   - crash-digger: Call apport-retrace with --timestamps, to get consistent
     timestamps in log output.
   - Add two new functions attach_gsettings_package() and
     attach_gsettings_schema() for adding user-modified gsettings keys to a
     report. (LP: #836489)
   - Add new function in_session_of_problem() which returns
     whether the given report happened in the currently running XDG session.
     This can be used to determine if e. g. ~/.xsession-errors is relevant and
     should be attached.
   - backends/, install_packages(): Also copy
     apt/sources.list.d/ into sandbox.
   - backends/, install_packages(): Install apt keyrings
     from config dir or from system into sandbox. (LP: #856216)
   -, backends/ Define that
     install_packages() should return a SystemError for broken
     configs/unreachable servers etc., and fix the apt/dpkg implementation
   - apport-retrace: Don't crash, just give a proper error message if servers
     are unreachable, or configuration files are broken. (LP: #859248)
   - backends/ Fix crash when
     /etc/apport/native-origins.d contains any files. (LP: #865199)
   - hookutils, recent_logfile(): Fix invalid return value if log file is not
     readable. (LP: #819357)
   - test/crash: Fix race condition in the "second instance terminates
     immediately" check.
   - Replace attach_gconf() with a no-op stub. It used static
     python modules like "gconf" which broke the PyGI GTK user interface, and
     gconf is rather obsolete these days.
   -, open_url(): Greatly simply and robustify by just using xdg-open.
     This already does the right thing wrt. reading the default browser from
     GNOME, KDE, XCE, and other desktops. (LP: #198449)
   - data/general-hooks/ Only attach ~/.xsession_errors if the bug
     is reported in the same XDG session as the crash happened. (LP: #869974)
   - Ignore crashes for programs which got updated in between the crash and
     reporting. (LP: #132904)
   - Special-case crashes of 'twistd': Try to determine the client program and
     assign the report to that, or fail with an UnreportableReason.
     (LP: #755025)
   - apport-gtk: In bug update mode, make details dialog resizable and fix
     default size. (LP: #865754)
   - apport-gtk: Fix crash if report does not have ProcCmdline. (LP: #854452)
   -, attach_wifi(): Anonymize ESSID and AP MAC from "iwconfig"
     output. (LP: #746900)
   - test/crash: Fix test failure if user is not in any system groups.
   - test/crash: Change to /tmp/ for test crash process, to fix failure if the
     user that runs the test suite cannot write into the current directory.
     (LP: #868695)
   - Improve error message if package is not a genuine distro package.
     Thanks to Ronan Jouchet. (LP: #559345)
  * debhelper/dh_apport: Install debian/source.apport into the first binary
    package only, as per documentation. (LP: #687584)
  * debian/apport.upstart: Exit pre-start with 0 if apport is disabled, to
    avoid warning message about failed startup. (LP: #857086)
  * debian/control: Update Vcs-Bzr: for precise branch.
 -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden> Wed, 19 Oct 2011 09:39:41 +0200