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Sjef Bosman (sjef.bosman) wrote :

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for responding.

Re 1) No, because the server is not mine, and it lacks several updates on other tools and libraries. I'll try to get them installed.

Re 2) I don't know if the owner is willing to upgrade to 20.04 LTS. I did update to the latest apache version though, which made no difference.

Re 3) Don't have to do something specific, as it will fail in 10% of all requests.

I could share two things with you:
- a link to the test-page on the website if you want, but only by mail, so the server won't receive thousands of test requests.
- the configuration file

IMHO it's a bug because
- I open just one page in Firefox, with Developer Tools activated (Network tab)
- the page refreshes itself using Ajax every 60 seconds (I could change that to every 6 seconds or so)
- in 90% of all cases the response is OK
- when it isn't OK, some older (?) buffer is inserted, see my description

Send me a mail from a personal mail address and I'll send you the link.