Comment 8 for bug 583983

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote : cross-posting via email may or may not work. Manually adding and hoping LP does not think otherwise later...

This is updating a set of bugs, so things said may or may not be exactly matching the bug report itself.

There is a set of bug reports which, reading feedback from reporters, do not seem to be fixed by the patches which were thought to fix them. All of these patches are part of some upstream stable release, so if a real fix is found, it
should be submitted there as well.
Quickly reading over the reports they all seem to be positional quirk fixes in ALSA. In one of the reports David had a quick look and had the suspicion that the code path of activating the fix may not be hit at all.
So while not fixing the bug all patches are not causing things to regress. Due to automatic processes, these bugs will get changed by a bot to fixed when the proposed kernel moves to updates and the bugs need to be re-opened then.

David, Daniel, maybe you can have a look at the test feedback and find out why the quirks have no effect?