Comment 7 for bug 1574278

I stumbled across a discussion on this in #lubuntu-devel on IRC.

I'm setting "Medium" importance on this for several reasons:
* This package is part of the lubuntu-desktop task. This means it's considered part of the Lubuntu Desktop core software set.
* This package is in the Universe repository. For general Ubuntu triage, Universe equates to Community Supported
* Based on the changelog and package history, the package has not had any updates to actual software since Vivid.
* Upstream, in Debian, the package is considered *orphaned* and has no maintainer. This has been the case since 2014.

There can be an argument made for both High or Medium - I however believe Medium fits better in this case. (This can be changed in the future if a stronger case is made for "High", or more triagers consider this to be "High" than "Medium" in this case)