Comment 54 for bug 1574278

James Cameron (quozl) wrote :

Sorry Simon, I had already tested my patch with my own local package, I didn't think you'd need me to test your package of it, and I'm hoping to hear if anybody else has tested it. ;-)

On a 17.10 Artful VM with Sugar, the Sugar desktop does not appear, some other problem, so I'm not able to test there yet.

On a 17.04 Zesty VM with Sugar, installed your libabiword-3.0_3.0.2-3ubuntu1~ppa1_amd64.deb and the flickering problem has gone. So your package works for me there.

Any chance of a 16.04 Xenial update? A "gir1.2-abi-3.0 breaks gir1.2-abiword-3.0" problem occurs, easily explained.