Comment 43 for bug 1574278

Sondra Kinsey (sondra.kinsey) wrote :

I experienced this bug in Lubuntu 16.04, and found it made Abiword unusable. I recently installed Lubuntu 17.04 on a different computer and was disappointed to discover the bug is still present with my fresh installation!

That said, I'm not 100% sure my bug is the same as what is reported here. Above, and at the following places, is described the whole screen flickering when document not empty

However, my experience is that Abiword flashes from the top edge of the background (below the ruler) to about an inch into the page on the top, and from the left edge of the background to an eigth of an inch into the page on the left. When I zoom in or out on the document, the same area of the screen flickers. This happens even on an empty document.

I think this is the same problem

I tried this:
  for i in `ls /usr/share/themes`; do echo $i; GTK_THEME="$i" abiword; done
It was the same for every theme, including Adwaita.

Any hope for a fix?