Comment 19 for bug 1574278

James Cameron (quozl) wrote :

Impacting OLPC.

Reproduced using Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial amd64 iso booted as live-image, plus universe, with abiword_3.0.1-6ubuntu0.16.04.1 from xenial-updates.

Workaround: switch from Ambiance to High Contrast theme.

Also affects package sugar-write-activity_97-5 which depends on package gir1.2-abiword-3.0 and thus libabiword-3.0. In my testing, the draw signal from Abi.Widget is constantly emitted by Gtk as soon as the first text is added to an empty document. The consequent Gdk redraws cause cursor and screen flicker, the severity of which scales with window size, graphics card, and CPU performance.

Related bug for abiword 3.0.1 on Fedora 24 combined with the Sugar Write activity.

So it would seem this is a problem introduced in Gtk or Abiword. I'm available to collaborate on this problem at depth. Contact <email address hidden>, thanks.