Comment 17 for bug 1574278

Augustine Souza (aesouza2008) wrote :

I used the following command to test Abiword (3.0.1-6ubuntu0.16.04.1) in Lubuntu 16.04 (upgraded from 14.04 and fully updated) and in Lubuntu 16.04's Openbox session:

GTK_THEME=Theme_name abiword /usr/share/doc/abiword/copyright

The themes I tested were:
Adwaita (installed by default)
Ambiance and Radiance (from the light-themes package)
Greybird and Numix (from the shimmer-themes package)

In my system, both Lubuntu (LXDE + Openbox) and Openbox, only Adwaita and Adwaita:dark were flicker-free. With all the other themes listed above, there was an approximately 4 cm tall, screen-wide area that flickered shortly after the page loaded. The flickering did not affect the UI and didn't seem particularly related to the cursor.

My system is a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop (Core2Duo, 4GB RAM, 64-bit, no GPU)