Comment 8 for bug 459198

LittleMouse87 (littlemouse87) wrote :

First off, the "duplicate status" is wrong, since the issue here is that the installer hangs after selecting Language and saying Install, so I'm posting here.

My issue is exactly the same, so here's a little info, maybe you guys have a similar setup...

- I'm installing on an HP laptop (model:HDX9440ea) with the newest BIOS. It's a 64-bit PC.
- I checked the MD5 Sum of the ISO, so no download errors here. Also, I've burned the disk twice, so apparently no disk-burning issues either.
- I've burnt the issues to a rewritable DVD (that's DVD-RW), not a normal CD-R
- The BIOS has Hardware Virtualisation turned on (default would be off).

Anyone else who's experiencing this issue, care to see how your setup matches? Please post if you find a solution.

By the way, I get an eternally flashing underscore character in the top left corner of the otherwise black screen; I assume that it is the same for others? If not, there is a similar but different issue at although there the Ubuntu graphic appears.

Strange issue; let's hope it gets resolved soon (No offense intended towards anyone, but it doesn't make a great first impression on newbies, after all, to have to make a hard reboot before even starting the installation procedure!)