Comment 2 for bug 391926

Ok, I would like to say I fixed it, but I only got out of my own ignorance: I completely removed gnome-media from Synaptic. Then, I installed almost everything there is from pulseaudio and alsa (mixers, guis, gtk, apps). I restarted the machine. After i opened the gnome-sound-recorder, I opened the Volume Control from PulseAudio (there is no little speaker anymore, YEEY) and selected the Recording tab. Then, I hitted the record button on gnome-sound-recorder.That was when the "gnome-sound-recorder: Record Stream" was enabled. I clicked on the little down-arrow to the right and moved the stream to Monitor blah, blah... So I started playing music with Audacious, and the reproduction was LOOOOVELY. I guess that is as far as I'll go with this. Again, sorry to bother any of you. I hope this helps someone :D . Greets