Comment 50 for bug 1119420

Paddy Landau (paddy-landau) wrote :

@bregma: OK, not the systray, the notification area. I've changed the title to reflect this. Please don't call us up on using an incorrect name — I'm not a programmer with intimate details of the jargon.

We need the whitelist back, because this change has broken too many applications and has made Unity unusable for some people (literally; that's not an exaggeration). I know that we can choose to use Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc., instead, but Unity is great and I really would love to continue to use it.

I understand that you have a reason for this (although the reason has been hidden from us), but please, your job is not to break things unnecessarily. Just add the whitelist back, that's all we're asking!

If a user's sexperience is suboptimal, well, that's better than being unusable, isn't it? A car that goes slow is better than a car that won't start.

You should not put this bug report as a Wishlist, because it is a reversion. The "fix" fixed nothing whatsoever, and broke several applications. It is making people's lives difficult. This is not a wishlist, but a requirement.

If you will not provide a whitelist, at least provide an alternative for those applications.


We're begging you.