Comment 9 for bug 1061787

lumbricus (lumbricus) wrote :

I think this problem is a bug in gnome-scrensaver. If I use xset to turn off the screen, there is no issue after turning it on again. I used the following command line:

for i in `seq 40`; do xset dpms force off; sleep 0.2; done; xset dpms force on

If the gnome-screensaver-daemon does not run (I simply killed it), there is still some kind of basic screen saver. The screen goes into standby mode after some while and turns on again normally afterwards (without password prompt).

Attached some debugging outbut, which I got by using:

gnome-screensaver --no-daemon --debug 2>&1 | tee ~/gnome-ss.log

I run the command and then waited some minutes. At 11:56:19 I moved the mouse again and saw the blue area.

My first (primary) monitor has the dimensions 1980x1200. My second monitor has the dimensions 1280x1024. As already mentioned, the blue rectangle is about the size of the second monitor and it is placed on the first monitor in the left upper corner.