Comment 1844 for bug 1

I'm not against the closing of this bug; however, the closed status
should be something like "Can't Fix" [0].

While, technically speaking, Microsoft doesn't have the majority of the
marketshare anymore, the originally prescribed goal of this bug was:

> A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software.

Note that *even if* we count Android/Linux, and also count every type of
device like mobile phones and tables, nearly all of those devices -- even
those running Android/Linux or Ubuntu -- include proprietary software.
(Many Android/Linux devices include *mostly* proprietary software, since
nearly all the applications are proprietary.)

Thus, it's just not accurate at this time to argue "Fix Released" for
the key issue that this bug was supposed to be about: namely, "most
devices in use today are running mostly proprietary software". It'll
probably be generations before we close that bug, and that's why I'd
argue the problem probably can't be fixed as part of the lifecycle of
Ubuntu itself. Thus "Can't Fix" is the right bug-close status.

[0] "Won't Fix" isn't right because that would presupose Ubuntu actually
    had the ability to fix the problem and chose not to. Sadly, I don't
    think it was ever really within the power of the Ubuntu project to
    fix the problem in the first place. Nevertheless, I thank Ubuntu
    for the early years (i.e., pre-UbuntuOne: ) when
    Ubuntu truly tried to close Bug 1. It's a tough job to give
    software freedom to the majority of users, but we should all keep
    trying to do it.
   -- bkuhn