Comment 3 for bug 490362

reini (rrumberger) wrote :

This happened to me since before Hardy up to and including Maverick (I haven't gotten around to installing Natty yet, but have no reason to believe it's been fixed).
I concur with the original diagnosis that someone blindly converted all 'ß' to 'ss' since the spell checker works more or less fine, otherwise.

Back when there still was a choice, I selected aspell as my dictionary. Right now I have myspell, aspell and hunspell installed, and the problem is there and has been for years. (I do have "Deutsch (Deutschland)" selected in the spell checking settings, in case anyone is wondering.)

@yannek: are you sure this is fixed in lucid, now, or did you just stumble across the "miss-spelled words don't get underlined anymore" bug?