Comment 2 for bug 709494

This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-sso-client - 1.1.12-0ubuntu1

ubuntu-sso-client (1.1.12-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

  * New upstream release:

    [ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
      - Tests for a particular package are now inside that package.
      - Register now uses the 'displayname' field to pass it on to SSO as
        display name (LP: #709494).
    [ Manuel de la Pena <email address hidden> ]
      - Fix main issues.
      - First step of implementing the code in main on windows.
      - Fixed issues so that we can build .debs (LP: #735383).
      - Added the network status implementation for windows (LP: #727680).
      - Added an implementation of the keyring on windows (LP: #684967).
      - Added script to run tests on windows using u1trial (LP: #684988).
      - Added bat to run tests on windows (LP: #684988).
 -- Natalia Bidart (nessita) <email address hidden> Tue, 22 Mar 2011 23:31:22 -0300