Comment 9 for bug 454277

Itchione (paulmika) wrote :

Today i downloaded xubuntu 10.04 desktop edition ISO and burned it to DVD.
After formatting the complete PS3 HDD and allocating 10GB to 'other-os', i installed the boot manager (kboot) from the DVD.
All dialogs were processed ok and the system was for all purposes installed using the automatic partitioning option.
However it hung at the last reboot stage but before the DVD was ejected.
On power cycling the PS3, i also received warnings of no default root file system being found.
I googled to find that the cause was due to combination of kboot and/or the PS3's inability to 'see' the EXT4 file system.
Seems that kboot and/or PS3 still has the EXT4 issue!

I installed a new boot manager, petitboot but obviously EXT4 was still an issue and no default root fs was found.
I then reinstall xubuntu over the top of the existing install but this failed at the manual partitioning stage.
I was offered a partitioning dialogue to 'try again', 'continue' or 'cancel'.
I tried again but later canceled the partitioning/install after again being presented with the same partitioning dialogue.
Finally I again reformatted the complete PS3 HDD allocating 10G to other-os.
I then installed petitboot followed by xubuntu but chose custom partitioning creating an ext3 file system and some swap.
This time all went well, though it took some time, the DVD was ejected and the PS3 restarted OK.

So in summery, xubuntu 10.04 installs but kboot/ext4 is still an issue.
There is some odd problems with the partitioning tool on xubuntu if you try and reinstall over the top of EXT4 partition.
Petitboot works well and has a nice graphical interface and with a simple 'delete' key press goes back to XMB.

Have yet to check if/how one connects the PS3 bluetooth controller (& later the keyboard) so it can work with petitboot.