Comment 5 for bug 626015

For everyone keeping track:

  Intial Hebrew trials - Bruno Maag

And included in that blog post is a preview (search for "This PDF" if the link it not immediately obvious), so you can see how Dalton Maag have been experimenting with the general size (height) of the characters, particularly in proportion to Latin.

Please take a look and give feedback if you're interesting, especially if there any obvious points that need fixing (please say why, or make suggestions, rather than just saying something doesn't look right). Please don't pre-judge the draft outlines as being anywhere near final: Bruno notes this in his post: ...that the focus here is on gauging proportions and ideas at the moment. There has already been a good exchange between Tom (who filed this bug originally) and Bruno, which is worth reading.

Designing the font is a journey, and I've found seeing this "working drawings" very intriguing.