Comment 16 for bug 615565

Cristian Secară (secarica) wrote :

On 2010-08-22, Paul Sladen wrote:

> As I understand it, this whole mess stems from [TtSs]commaaccent
> being missed out of earlier Unicode standards, and [TtSs]cedilla
> being used in the interim: the locl table fixes being an attempt to
> smooth things over. Reading material:
> (first two 2003 changelogs)

With this stupidity Adobe has done a great disservice to our culture. Along with other mistakes (were some on these mistakes were at Romanian side, like lack of standardization, certain degree of incompetence), Adobe's "contribution" has delayed the correctness for Romanian language with several years (I say ~10 years). With a lot of labor from our part, working together in a sort of team with a few Microsoft representatives, finally in Windows Vista the cedillas are back to cedillas on ş and ţ (and commas were added for ș and ț) at glyphs level [*], but Vista was out in 2007 or so.


[*] in most (not sure if in all) core fonts