Comment 49 for bug 1232814

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

> The status of this bug really gives the impression that no one cares about such bugs.

Well, we do care but:

- there is a lot to do

- that bug concerns a non default option/a technical one, so it's not the most important item on the todolist

- the number of comments make it difficult to read (one needs to spend like an hour trying to understand what's going on)

What would be useful:

- update the bug description to be an accurate summary of the situation (it seems from recent comments that only the documentation needs updating? if the summary was reflecting what needs to be done and sparing people to have to read 48 verbose comments to figure that out it would help to get the item picked up and resolved)

- if you want to update the documentation and submit a merge request that would probably help to get the change in (