Comment 48 for bug 1232814

Shiraz Dindar (shiraz-v) wrote :

@Benjamin -- No that's not actually what I was suggesting, but if you want commit access to the documentation, and have demonstrated consistent support in the forums, then I suspect it wouldn't be hard to get if you go through the proper channels -- I don't know this for sure, as I'm not a Ubuntu developer in any way, but that's how open source projects of this magnitude typically work.

I appreciate that you filed this bug -- I was the first to sign on, and it was great to see other people sign on and eventually us all see a solution. I agree it would be good to see the documentation updated since it's such a minor job that remains for such a significant piece. I was just pointing out why this happens, and implying that it's better to encourage people that offer their time rather than criticize them, whenever possible.