Comment 3 for bug 1473074

Hi Gabriele, thanks for taking the time to report the bug. Can you provide some with some additional info to help debug this issue pls?

1. Can you attach the clock app logs. Easiest way is to install the app "LogViewer" from the store, run the clock app and try reproducing the bug and then open logviewer, navigate to the clock app logs, and then attach that here.

2. Do you search for "New York" and then try adding it? Or do you use just scroll down the list and choose "new york". When you search, it goes online to retrieve search results, and could be fault there. Just speculations at the moment.

3. If we are still unable to debug the issue, then please attach the entire .local/share/com.ubuntu.clock folder that we can use to test against your local database to see if something is wrong there.