Comment 0 for bug 1253703

I notice this one while using Facebook webapp. It starts working fine, when I click on a link it opens the webbrowser as it should, but after a while when I click the link it goes to the webbbrowser window and fails trying to open "file:///usr/share/webbrowser-app/'URL'" instead.

Steps to reproduce:
1) adb shell; su - phablet;
2) upstart-app-launch webbrowser-app
Browser should open trying to load
3) Run the same command again.
Browser will open displaying error message:
"Network Error
It appears you are having trouble viewing: file:///usr/share/webbrowser-app/''.
Ubuntu suggests you check your network settings and try refreshing the page."

Currently using r27 with channel devel-proposed, read-only, in a Nexus 4. This problem wasn't happening with only devel.