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Peter B. (puk007-gmail) wrote :

@Philipp C. Heckel (binwiederhier)
> Is it the same instance of Syncany? If so, that's not possible because you have the same 'computer name'. Only if you connect with two instances of Syncany to the same folder (using different computer names), you can sync among them.

From my point of view use case is valid. Not sure if I got it correctly but imagine scenario (that is quite common for me when I use dropbox, I'd consider similar to work for syncany too).
1. install fresh ubuntu distro on PC (let's say PC name is 'xyz')
2. install dropbox/syncany
3. due to new ubuntu release, let's loop and start with step 1 again

Would in such a case my files not be synched back to my PC? if so, I think this would be a show stopper for me with usage of syncany.