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Philipp C. Heckel (binwiederhier) wrote :

this is a known problem and will be fixed in scope of the new sync algorithm. i'll continue working on this tomorrow.

> Also, when I connect to the same ftp sync profile twice on the same computer (on different local folders), contents of folders are not synced.

Is it the same instance of Syncany? If so, that's not possible because you have the same 'computer name'. Only if you connect with two instances of Syncany to the same folder (using different computer names), you can sync among them.

Do you see any scenario where this is desirable? I don't see any.

So what you can do is this:

1) Start the first instance: dist/bin/
2) Stop it.
3) Start the second instance dist/bin/ -c ~/.syncany2
4) Edit the computer name property in the Settings dialog to something other than the one from the first instance.
5) Stop it.

6) Now start both instances in different terminals at the same time