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Bug #1906854: s3api ListParts does not return all parts Undecided In Progress 19 weeks

From: Florent Vennetier
Link: test-list-parts-with-11-parts.patch

New test to highlight the bug

Bug #1624602: EC GET with unavailable .durable will 404 Undecided Confirmed 187 weeks

From: Tim Burke
Link: non_durable_read.patch


Bug #1380815: swift.common.utils should not patch logging on import Medium In Progress 191 weeks

From: clayg
Link: do-not-patch-logging.patch

just don't monkey patch logging

Bug #1693149: isn't atomic Wishlist Confirmed 203 weeks

From: clayg
Link: atomic-builder-save.patch

needs tests

Bug #1691648: empty 5GB container DB Medium Confirmed 204 weeks

From: Matthew Oliver
Link: db_replicator_vaccum.patch


Bug #1691596: swift-container-info should try harder on /tmp db Wishlist New 204 weeks

From: clayg
Link: see-no-evil.patch

needs a new test

Bug #1687509: swift-recon-object-cron gets stuck Medium Confirmed 206 weeks

From: clayg
Link: more_rmdir.patch

do the cleanup in a finally in-case sigterm sends SystemExit

Bug #1685798: Swift tempurl middleware reveals signatures in the logfiles (CVE-2017-8761) Undecided New 207 weeks

From: Christian Schwede
Link: 0001-Trim-tempurl-signature-in-the-logs.patch


Bug #1670917: Surprising behaviour when object names have spaces Undecided New 214 weeks

From: clayg
Link: skip-all-4xx-pre-flight-head-errors.patch


Bug #1670565: InternalClient can not delete dark data in deleted non-legacy containers Undecided New 214 weeks

From: clayg
Link: trust_ic.patch

I think this ends up leaving container_nodes/partition as None which isn't what we ant

Bug #1489620: can't specify policy when running replicator/reconstructor in script mode Wishlist Confirmed 224 weeks

From: clayg
Link: override_policies.patch

needs tests

Bug #1619408: old async pendings result in ghost listings Medium In Progress 225 weeks

From: Matthew Oliver
Link: remove_old_async_pendings_obj_updater.patch


Bug #1634745: SAIO probe tests fail if /var/cache/swift* directories don't exist Undecided New 234 weeks

From: Shaun Murakami
Link: resetswift.fixed

new resetswift script with patch starting at line 21

Bug #1583798: get_part_nodes should raise error on invalid part Wishlist In Progress 256 weeks

From: clayg
Link: invalid-part-error.patch

bit of value validation and an error

Bug #1567575: add if-match support Wishlist New 262 weeks

From: John Dickinson
Link: if_match.patch


Bug #1498220: swift-recon-cron should skip bad devices Undecided New 290 weeks

From: Omar Ali
Link: swift-recon-cron.patch


Bug #1431334: swift-object-info should report all object metadata Wishlist Confirmed 313 weeks

From: Jiri Suchomel
Link: i.patch


Bug #1229372: silent exception handler block in collect_jobs Low Confirmed 338 weeks

From: clayg
Link: iter_part_path.patch

needs lots of tests

Bug #1381541: Object GET on deleted account is successful Wishlist Confirmed 339 weeks

From: Madhuri Kumari
Link: bug_1381541


Bug #1359664: swift-drive-audit: additional exit codes Undecided New 347 weeks

From: Filippo Giunchedi
Link: 0001-drive-audit-clear-up-exit-status.patch


Bug #1293945: Error code on putting container when update process to account fail Undecided In Progress 369 weeks

From: Takashi Kajinami
Link: fix-container-put-response.patch


Bug #1082835: World readable access to segmented object produces 401, even if _segments is also world readable. Low Incomplete 425 weeks

From: Dae S. Kim
Link: bug_1082835.patch


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