Comment 6 for bug 1184599

Keatah (keatah) wrote :

I got the same crash too.


Windows XP
Compiled using MinGW GCC 4.6.2
Qt runtime version: 4.8.4
Qt compilation version: 4.8.4
Addressing mode: 32-bit
Total memory: 2014 MB (unreliable)
Total virtual memory: 2047 MB (unreliable)
Physical memory in use: 45%
Processor speed: 1694 MHz
Processor name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz
C:\Program Files\Stellarium\stellarium.exe --safe-mode --user-dir C:\Program Files\Stellarium\data2
[ This is Stellarium 0.12.1 - ]
[ Copyright (C) 2000-2013 Fabien Chereau et al ]
Writing log file to: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/log.txt"
File search paths:
  0 . "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2"
  1 . "."
Config file is: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/config.ini"
Going to initialize the OpenGL 2 renderer
OpenGL supported version: "1.3.0 - Build"
Qt GL paint engine is: "OpenGL"
StelQGL2Renderer::init : Failed because Qt paint engine is not OpenGL2
If paint engine is OpenGL3 or higher, this code needs to be updated
Failed to initialize the OpenGL 2 renderer, falling back to the OpenGL 1 renderer
OpenGL supported version: "1.3.0 - Build"
Qt GL paint engine is: "OpenGL"
GL vendor is "Intel"
GL renderer is "Intel 855GM"
Cache directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\stellarium\stellarium\cache"
Sky language is "en_US"
Application language is "en_US"
Loading Solar System data ...
Loaded 75 / 75 planet orbits from "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/data/ssystem.ini"
Loading star data ...
"Loading "./stars/default/": 0_0v0_2; 4963"
"Loading "./stars/default/": 1_0v0_2; 21598"
"Loading "./stars/default/": 2_0v0_2; 150090"
"Loading "./stars/default/": 3_1v0_1; 423540"
"Loading "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/": 4_1v0_0; 1725497"
"Loading "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/": 5_2v0_0; 7669011"
"Loading "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/": 6_2v0_0; 26615233"
"Loading "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/": 7_2v0_0; 57826266"
ERROR: SpecialZoneArray( 8 )::SpecialZoneArray: QFile( "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/" .map( 5242912 , 701538504 ) failed: "Not enough storage is available to process this command."
"Loading "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/stars/default/": 8_2v0_0; - initialization failed"
Finished loading star catalogue data, max_geodesic_level: 7
navigation/preset_sky_time is a double - treating as jday: 2.45151e+06
Loaded 10051 NGC records
Loading NGC name data ...
Loaded 400 / 400 NGC name records successfully
Loading star names from "./skycultures/western/star_names.fab"
Loaded 230 / 230 common star names
Loading star names from "./stars/default/name.fab"
Loaded 3215 / 4359 scientific star names
Loaded 88 / 88 constellation records successfully for culture "western"
Loaded 85 / 85 constellation art records successfully for culture "western"
Loaded 89 / 89 constellation names
Loading constellation boundary data ...
Loaded 782 constellation boundary segments
Not using any viewport effect
Creating GUI ...
Loading shortcuts...
Can't find plugin with id "RendererStatistics"
Can't find plugin with id "RendererStatistics"
Loaded plugin "AngleMeasure" .
AngleMeasure plugin - press control-A to toggle angle measure mode
Loaded plugin "CompassMarks" .
CompassMarks plugin - press control-C to toggle compass marks
Loaded plugin "Exoplanets" .
Exoplanets::getJsonFileVersion() version from file: 1
Exoplanets::init using catalog.json file: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/modules/Exoplanets/exoplanets.json"
Loaded plugin "Observability" .
init called for Observability
Loaded plugin "Oculars" .
Ocular plugin - press Command-O to toggle eyepiece view mode. Press ALT-o for configuration.
Oculars::validateIniFile ocular.ini exists at: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/modules/Oculars/ocular.ini" . Checking version...
Oculars::validateIniFile found existing ini file version 2
Loaded plugin "Satellites" .
Satellites::getJsonFileVersion() version from file: "0.7.4"
Satellites::init using satellite.json file: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/modules/Satellites/satellites.json"
Loaded plugin "SolarSystemEditor" .
Using the ssystem.ini file that already exists in the user directory...
Loaded plugin "TelescopeControl" .
TelescopeControl: No telescope server directory has been found.
TelescopeControl: Only embedded telescope servers are available.
TelescopeControl::loadTelescopes(): No telescopes loaded. File is missing: "C:/Program Files/Stellarium/data2/modules/TelescopeControl/telescopes.json"
Loaded plugin "TimeZoneConfiguration" .