Comment 4 for bug 1173254

Bogdan Marinov (daggerstab) wrote :

OK, for a moment I was afraid that this would create an endless loop if the "use landscape location" option was checked, but it won't - it's in the wrong place for that. I'm still not certain that it won't create problems, though.

Anyway, the "fix" won't do:
- while it addresses the specific use case described in the original report (picking a planet from the menu in the Location window), it doesn't affect the other ways of changing planets (such as scripts and Ctrl+G "jumps").
- it assigns a landscape only to those SSOs that have landscapes named after them (Moon, Mars and Saturn)
- the location/landscape interaction is already a mess (thanks to "use landscape location"), no need to add to it. (I still haven't gotten over the "goHome()" method.)

In theory, such a feature could be implemented. But it will require more work and careful planning.

There have been discussions about doing something similar in the past (there is a "landscape" parameter left over in the ssystem.ini file from that period). I'll try to find them.