Comment 4 for bug 1598905

El miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016 16h'46:23 ART, Fabián Ezequiel Gallina
<email address hidden> escribió:
> In the case of a reserved name, the returned URL allows the user to
> continue with the registration, with a message that promptly explains
> what's about to happen:
> In the case of an already registered name, the returned URL would let
> the user to register the alternate suggested name, while the message
> explains that the name is already taken with a link to the dispute name
> form:
> The reason behind this is to keep devs unblocked by giving them choices
> how to follow up. If what's intended is that the already registered name
> error returns the dispute claim URL as the `register_name_url` it can be
> done, just confirm that's the case I'll prepare a fix for it.
I know all this, but it is not what is in the spec. I need the claim URL,
not the registration one, that is what is in the spec Natalia authored.

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