Comment 7 for bug 885322

Märt Põder (boamaod) wrote :

It seems that the problem is caused by Unity changing screen parameters in the middle of a screenlets loading/drawing themselves.

There are things in the logs like:

   Screen geometry changed
   Starting unity-window-decorator
   DEBUG 2011-11-04 20:01:21 glib <unknown>:0 Setting to primary screen rect: x=0 y=0 w=1024 h=768

And it seems when a screenlet is loaded during these changes, it will place itself wrong. I think that the solution would be to delay starting of screenlets, i. e. in ~/.config/autostart/*Screenlet.desktop add on the "Exec= sleep 5 && python -u ..." to delay starting the screenlet 5 seconds later (when Unity is probably already loaded).

If you have this problem and this solution works, please tell us so, maybe this bug can be fixed for good.