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Bug #1112496: python-imaging broken in raring Undecided New 9 weeks

From: ipatrol
Link: simple-image-reducer.diff

simple-image-reducer fix

Bug #1707917: methods tostring() and fromstring() deprecated Undecided New 36 weeks

From: draco

Replace tostring() and fromstring() by tobytes() and frombytes()

Bug #1538906: no longer starts (Exception: fromstring() has been removed.) Undecided New 103 weeks

From: shemgp
Link: phatch-Bug_#1538906-fix.debdiff


Bug #363873: Pb setting IPTC Tags Medium Triaged 435 weeks

From: Andrea Ambu
Link: iptc.patch

hypothetical patch for 0.1.x series of bug #363873

Bug #256875: Unable to add/modify multiple value short tags Medium Triaged 492 weeks

From: Matt Brown
Link: pyexiv2-set_mv_short_tags.diff

patch to allow setting multi-value tags (with correct whitespace)

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