Comment 2 for bug 1252928

JaSauders (jasauders) wrote :

At this point, only one of my systems is experiencing this issue. I'm finding that I cannot even open pictures from over a Samba network share without it crashing. It literally crashes 100% of the time on this unit when clicking to open an image file.

I removed Pantheon Files, purged it, and removed ~/.config/marlin in an effort to 'reset' it, then reinstalled Pantheon Files. Even then, same difference.

The latest Pantheon Files currently in the daily PPA made no difference either.

Here's a video depicting the consistent crashes I see. I have duplicated this exact behavior in two different environments using two different Samba file servers.

Are there any other locations where Pantheon Files configs might be stored so I can remove them in an effort to fully reset Pantheon Files? I just can't seem to find a connection as to why it happens on this system but not any others, despite the fact they were all installed from the same ISO/flash drive right around the same time.