Comment 8 for bug 518949

I just think you are not operating right way.

On inventory you should just include the right quantity of product. System will do the needed adjustements and it will move the correct quantity of products to obtain that quantity.

If you need specifying product quantity = 0 , you just have to put 0, never a negative or positive quantity.


product A: Actual quantity -2
inventory product A, you set 0
System will make a movement from virtual stock location "inventory lost" to phisical stock location "stock" of quantity 2, so -2 + 2 = 0

Another example:
product A: Actual quantity 10
inventory product A: You set 5
System will make a movemente from stock to "inventory lost" of quantity 5, so 10 - 5 = 5 quantity for product A after confirming inventory.

This movements will be done ONLY in case you confirm inventory, never before.
Wishing this helps: