Comment 7 for bug 518949

Bruno Hostalery (istf) wrote :

More important :
i do inventory with several negativ values (i think due to force assigned, but it's not the problem)
When i make inventory and try to put 0 in stock location quantity, there are several cases in which stock is not set to 0, but other value (i don't find where is the error, seems to be in amount calcul).

To force this and have more information, i add a field with initial value and use this to make move.
That permit to modify tree to put color on modification.
People say me it's most attractive for worker.
All is good now, but with my modifications. if i have time, i will have a look to use openerp wizard and not mine.

The second point, it's with production lot and tracking. Actual inventory is unuseable as it.