Comment 1 for bug 1671205

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

just testing it here with latest 0.16 release and things seems to be working fine. I had this also working with previous 0.12 release candidates.

Can you please make sure you have setup correctly "root-url" key?
run $ for full list of supported keys.
Make sure you update value for root-url key
Other keys work fine with their default values, but 'root-url' key needs to be updated with actual ip address/url wekan is accessible on.
for example:
$ snap set wekan-ondra root-url=http://<ip address you are accessing wekan on>:<port value, default is 8080>
restart wekan server with $ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan-ondra.wekan

then when you click on the card details browser will be pointed to correct ip address.

I just tested this on my instance with $ snap set wekan-ondra root-url=
and it's working fine.
Please let me know if this solved your problem